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White Sand and Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is used to balance and harmonize the body in four areas. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/soul. And even though your session will generally be 45-60 minutes you will feel the effects longer. No two sessions are ever the same, as the healing energy will work with the individual in exactly the way they need in that moment. Reiki is intelligent in nature and will always support you in letting go of whatever no longer serves you and will align you back into your heart’s truth & knowing. Each session will always be different so come with any expectations but instead have an open curiosity about what may, or may not occur and experience it first hand.

What will happen during the session?

We will start your one on one healing session or distant session with you telling me what is on your mind. I will listen and ask questions as well as offering insight to help you uncover what is in your way to leading a happy life. Meanwhile, I will have a light touch on your body in the places that the chakras are or if we are doing distant Reiki I will use crystals in place of the touch. No matter where you need healing, Reiki will come through to all areas that could use balancing.

What can I expect after a Reiki treatment?

After any energetic healing you will go through a period of integration and adjustment as you process the shifts and changes that have been activated within you. It is not uncommon to experience physical, emotional or mental changes. It is normal to experience one, all (or none!) of the below: A change in energetic state. You may feel calm, more relaxed, free, light, at ease, relief, expansive, more present, more embodied, grounded within body and life. Senses may be heightened and you may feel, see, hear and taste things with more vibrancy & intensity. Your energy levels may fluctuate in an extreme way, exhaustion or feeling “high”. You may feel called to rest more or spend more time outside in nature. You may feel more emotional as you clear out old repressed emotion. Sadness, grief, anger can surface and/or burst of bliss & joy. You may be extra teary or be giggly & laugh a lot. Take note of your dreams. Your subconscious mind will go through an adjustment and your dreams hold the key for that expansion. You may experience physical releasing symptoms such as a need to go to the toilet more frequently with increased urine or bowel movements. You might feel or experience some pain, headache or cold-like symptoms. These physical detox symptoms usually pass quickly. You may notice itchiness or tingles through the body or have waves of hot or cold energy flow through you. Usually any of these symptoms last between 1 – 2 days and will ease. Obviously if you are concerned with anything you notice after a session get in contact with your practitioner.

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